Axel Camil Hachadi  is a french / morrocan award-winning saxophone player, arranger and composer. Axel is born  in Paris, and was raised by a family music lovers. He started sax lessons at age of  7, practicing and playing classical studies. He became obsessed with the instrument, and began to develop a love of jazz music once he auditioned and was accepted to the conservatory superior of Paris.

Axel Studied the Saxophone and classic and jazz music for 17 years with teachers as Philippe Gisselman, Yochk’o Seffer, Philippe Portejoie, Anne-Gabriel Debaecker (first jazz class at 9), André Villeger, Dino Govonni, Terryline Carrington, Dave Santoro (bass player of Jerry Bergonzi), Alain Mallet, Frank Tiberi (pianist of Paul Simon) with George Garzone, Harry Skoler.

Axel  has performed and collaborated with such jazz luminaries as Minino Garay , Ramon Lopez  , Majid Bekkas, Louis Clavis , Terryline Carrington, Archie Shepp, Andre Ceccarelli, and among others.

He graduated with honour from the Berklee College of Music.

Axel is also a composer and arranger and has accomplished many projects (personal, big band, orchestral, film scoring).

Axel C. Hachadi has also participated in several jazz festivals: Paris, Amiens, Guise, St-Quentin, Jazz in Rabat, Cheverny, and in TV & Radio shows: french M6 channel where he got noticed “Budding Star”, the BBC, Moroccan TV 2M and the Kuwaiti TV.

Axel C. Hachadi has awarder in numerous competitions in classical music and in jazz music, particularly:

  • European Music Competition (classic) 2001
  • Competition of the UFAM (classic) on 2002
  • Adolph Sax Competition (classic) 2002
  • Competition of the UFAM (classic) on 2003
  • Competition Young Talent of Jazz Paris 2003
  • Competition Young Talent of Jazz 2nd edition in Paris 2006

He has performed on several stages and clubs: Casablanca, Rabat, Paris, New York, Havana, Rome, Boston, Bangkok, Jakarta, Marrakech, Agadir…

Axel C. Hachadi has recorded his first album ” News from the afterlife “